Bobbin Holder

Fly tiers come in three flavors:

Everyone else

Sorry to say, I lean toward the slob category. I would like to be neater, truly I would, but it will never happen. But I do like things that help me stay organized. A few years ago, I had a chunk of firewood from a pie cherry tree my folks had taken out. Knowing that it should have an interesting grain, I squared up the bottom and one side. Then with a band saw, I cut an arc across the top surface. A few minutes on a drill press; a little sand paper; a little danish oil; and a bobbin holder appeared. I spiffed it up with four small, felt dots on the bottom so it would slide nicely.

Now my bench is a tiny bit neater, and much prettier. I enjoy the look of natural wood. I even like the splits that showed up as the wood dried. You could use any old piece of scrap wood you have around. All tools are optional.

Keep your spools neat and at hand. Wooden bobbin holder
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